Themes and Deadlines for 2015

Themes and Deadlines for 2015

Writers, please notice that we are taking a 12-part snapshot through the Sermon on the Mount in 2015. I encourage us to read for context and be able to share our take on what Jesus is sharing with us as believers. Our job is to ask The Holy Spirit to help us write words of encouragement and inspiration on these themes. Our readers are blessed by what we write and share. Remember we are looking for articles 500 words or less. Thanks for your commitment and service.

Note: Announcements for events in the first half of a month should be submitted for publication in the issue the month preceding the event in order to ensure the information is in Readers’ hands prior to the event.

Chad McComas, Managing Editor


Theme: Blessed Are
(Based on Matthew 5:1-12 )
Copy and Announcement Deadline: December 15
Ad Deadline: December 20
Print Date: January 2


Theme: Salt & Light
(Based on Matthew 5:13-16)
Copy and Announcement Deadline: January 15
Ad Deadline: January 20
Print Date: February 2


Theme: Fulfill Law
(Based on Matthew 5:17-20)
Copy and Announcement Deadline: February 15
Ad Deadline: February 20
Print Date: March 2


Theme: Love Enemies
(Based on Matthew 5:43-48)
Copy and Announcement Deadline: March 15
Ad Deadline: March 20
Print Date: March 31


Theme: How To Pray
(Based on Matthew 6:9-15)
Copy and Announcement Deadline: April 15
Ad Deadline: April 20
Print Date: April 30


Theme: Pick Your Treasure
(Based on Matthew 6:19-24)
Copy and Announcement Deadline: May 15
Ad Deadline: May 20
Print Date: June 1


Theme: Do Not Worry
(Based on Matthew 6:25-34)
Copy and Announcement Deadline: June 15
Ad Deadline: June 20
Print Date: July 1


Theme: Do Not Judge Others
(Based on Matthew 7:1-6)
Copy and Announcement Deadline: July 15
Ad Deadline: July 20
Print Date: July 31


Theme: Ask, Seek &Knock
(Based on Matthew 7:7-12)
Copy and Announcement Deadline: August 15
Ad Deadline: August 20
Print Date: September 1


Theme: Pick The Narrow Gate
(Based on Matthew 7:13,14)
Copy and Announcement Deadline: September 15
Ad Deadline: September 20
Print Date: October 1


Theme: Look for Fruit
(Based on Matthew 7:15-23)
Copy and Announcement Deadline: October 15
Ad Deadline: October 20
Print Date: November 2


Theme: Build Wisely
(Based on Matthew 7:24-27)
Copy and Announcement Deadline: November 15
Ad Deadline: November 20
Print Date: December 1