Guidelines for Writers


The Christian Journal is a nonprofit ministry dedicated to sharing encouragement with the body of Christ in the Rogue Valley. That encouragement finds its way through articles of hope, stories of God’s work in personal lives and in “word snapshots” of what local ministries are doing to serve the community.


There are two target audiences for The Christian Journal.

First, there is the Christian population. This includes both active and inactive believers. The active Christians will find strength in reading the articles of encouragement and will discover a new desire to support and network with the various ministries. The inactive Christian will be encouraged to allow new life to come to his or her Christian walk. They will be able to find a church or ministry to connect with and find the joy of following and serving Christ.

Second, there is the non-Christian population. The Christian Journal is designed to be a resource of Christian character. As the interested reader discovers how God has worked in the lives of others, he or she will begin to believe that God can work in his or her life. They will discover a God who cares and has plans for His people. As the non-Christian is interested he or she will find ministries to connect with and/or churches to discover.


The Christian Journal began in 1998 as The Christian Quarterly. It was started in the Rogue Valley by Ralph Bagley, and was published every three months – hence the name, The Christian Quarterly. In the summer of 2000 Chad McComas took over editorship from Ralph as Ralph began to concentrate all his efforts into developing Christian video games. The Christian Quarterly continued to be a quarterly publication until February 2002 when it became The Christian Journal. The Journal is published monthly and is distributed in Southern Oregon and Northern California. This includes Grants Pass, Medford, Ashland, Klamath Falls, Yreka and surrounding cities and towns. Individual issue circulation is 14,000. There is no fee for The Christian Journal except for mailed subscriptions of $20 a year. Advertisements cover the costs of printing, distribution and contract work.


The Christian Journal solicits articles of encouragement and hope. These articles need to be uplifting and point to a God of grace, love and acceptance. Each article needs to inspire the reader to reconnect with God and his faith.

The Journal is not interested in:

  1. Theological Articles intended to prove a point or teaching. These articles produce division and judgment.
  2. Positional Articles to disprove another group of Christians.
  3. Articles that “preach” at other Christians. A good example of this is when the author writes “you” instead of “we.” Authors need to include themselves in the teaching.
  4. Ministry articles about organizations outside our reading area.

Scripture is highly encouraged in articles. Easily understood Bible translations, such as the New International Version (Zondervan, 2011), are preferred. Please indicate the Bible translation used if other than the 2011 NIV. Reprinting the scripture is important so that readers don’t have to look it up to discover the writer’s point. Readers need to be pointed to Jesus Christ and the “Word” (Bible).


The Christian Journal is looking for articles in the following categories:

  1. General articles of hope
  2. Specific articles on the “theme” of the issue
  3. Specific testimonies
  4. Spotlight on local ministries
  5. Articles of interest on Christian personalities
  6. Book reviews
  7. Book selections on “theme” of the issue
  8. Art work
  9. Children’s stories


Articles should be 300–500 words in length. The average article is around 400 words. Articles should be sent to our email address: Articles will not be returned. There is no payment for articles at this time. Please be sure to include your return address and phone number so we can contact you about your article, if necessary.

We do not have the staff to let you know if and when your article may be published. You may check our online issue at to see if your article gets published. We would be pleased to mail you a couple copies of the issue containing your article as a thank you if you send a request by email to, or by mail to The Christian Journal, 1032 W Main, Medford, OR 97501.


Here are a few editing tips. Please:

  • Capitalize all personal pronouns referring to God the Father, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit
  • Use Times New Roman 10 pt. font, single spacing
  • Use only one space following a period
  • Enclose all quotations within quotation marks
  • Indicate a quote within a quote by adding a single quote mark within the quotation
  • Verify your quotation with to validate the latest version of a translation is used
  • Use bold italic font for all Scripture quotes (but not for the citation)

Thank you!

The Christian Journal staff reserves the right to edit all materials submitted.