Themes and Deadlines for 2017

Dear Writer:

Here are the 2017 themes and deadlines.

In 2016 we took a 12-part snapshot through the parables recorded in Matthew that Jesus used to share what the kingdom of heaven is like.

For 2017 we are continuing with the theme of the Kingdom Of Heaven and or God by looking at what Mark and Luke wrote that referred to the Kingdom.

I encourage all of us to read carefully for the context in each passage in Mark and Luke so we can accurately write about what Jesus is sharing with us as believers. Please quote the portion of the theme scripture on which your article is focused. Our job is to ask The Holy Spirit to help us write words of encouragement and inspiration on these themes. Our readers are blessed by what we write and share.

Remember we are looking for articles 500 words or less. To ensure that you notice any guideline revisions we may have made, I encourage you to review the Guidelines for Writers before you write each article.  Thanks for your commitment and service.

Note: In order to ensure the information is in Readers’ hands prior to an upcoming event, announcements for events occurring in the first half of a month should be submitted for publication in the issue that’s published the month preceding the event.

Chad McComas , Editor

Kingdom Comments in Mark
Theme: The Kingdom Is Near; Repent and Believe the Good News.
(How does this apply today to believers?)
Based on Mark 1:15
Copy and Announcement Deadline: December 15
Ad Deadline: December 20
Print Date: December 29

Theme: Kingdom Warning: Not To Cause Little Ones To Sin.
(What do believers need to know and follow from this warning?)
Based on Mark 9:42-50
Copy and Announcement Deadline: January 15
Ad Deadline: January 20
Print Date: January 26

Theme: The Kingdom Belongs To Little Children.
(What is Jesus’ point about the Kingdom?)
Based on Mark 10:13-16
Copy and Announcement Deadline: February 15
Ad Deadline: February 20
Print Date: March 2

Theme: Kingdom Warning: Hard For the Rich To Enter.
(What is Jesus trying to say to believers about His Kingdom?)
Based on Mark 10:17-25
Copy and Announcement Deadline: March 15
Ad Deadline: March 20
Print Date: March 30

Theme: How To Be Great In The Kingdom.
(Highlight Kingdom principles for believers today.)
Based on Mark 10:42-45; Luke 22:24-30
Copy and Announcement Deadline: April 15
Ad Deadline: April 20
Print Date: April 27

Theme: How To Be Close To The Kingdom.
(Notice Jesus’ compliment to teacher of the law.  What is His main point?)
Based on Mark 12:28-34
Copy and Announcement Deadline: May 15
Ad Deadline: May 20
Print Date: June 1

Kingdom Comments in Luke
Theme: Kingdom Believers Are Greater Than John The Baptist.
(What is Jesus saying to believers?)
Based on Luke 7:24-28
Copy and Announcement Deadline: June 15
Ad Deadline: June 20
Print Date: June 29

Theme: Kingdom Believers Are To Preach And Heal.
(Write about purpose for believers today comparing to assignment for 12 disciples.)
Based on Luke 9:1, 2
Copy and Announcement Deadline: July 15
Ad Deadline: July 20
Print Date: July 27

Theme: Jesus Warns Believers.
(Notice what makes a believer unfit for the Kingdom.)
Based on Luke 9:57-62
Copy and Announcement Deadline: August 15
Ad Deadline: August 20
Print Date: August 31

Theme: Jesus’ Model Prayer For Believers.
(Notice part about God’s Kingdom coming and His will being done.)
Based on Luke 11:1-4
Copy and Announcement Deadline: September 15
Ad Deadline: September 20
Print Date: September 28

Theme: Kingdom Seekers’ Reward.
(Notice Christ’s promise to those who seek God’s Kingdom first, and what Jesus says about treasure and the heart.)
Based on Luke 12:22-34
Copy and Announcement Deadline: October 15
Ad Deadline: October 20
Print Date: September 26

Theme: Kingdom Of God Is Within Us.
Based on Luke 17:20, 21
Copy and Announcement Deadline: November 15
Ad Deadline: November 20
Print Date: November 30